The CICO Values


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We try continuously to reinvent ourselves for the best interest of our clients. We always aim for the highest Quality. Our efforts must be an inspiring example of Leadership in our field.



The Commitment to our work is without limits.



We do what is Right, not only what is essential. We are true believers of Transparency and Honesty.


Open mindedness

We will always keep a wide perspective in our actions. Our ideas are Inspiring, Motivating and focused on Success. We think and act with a Global Mindset.



We are inspired by new undiscovered domains with potential. We seek Challenges, Possibilities and Progress. Our excellence is an example of truly Intelligent and Creative Thinking.


The CICO Ambassadors principles


CICO is committed to earn Trust
CICO is committed to Transparency
CICO is committed to Fair Dealing
CICO ensures Profitable Business Activity
CICO strives to Model the Best Practice
CICO does Not Violate Legal Obligations


Common Strengths



Endeavor global Understanding and Respect