CICO built an enterprise with a Global Network on a foundation of ethics, values, and honesty. We have a legacy of 20 years experience by the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. It is our responsibility to protect and expand that legacy.


CICO’S Vision, Mission, Values and Principles


CICO provide guidance in meeting this responsibility. Our values of quality and entrepreneurial spirit challenge us to deliver innovative communication solutions and breakthrough strategies and set new standards for excellence in everything we do. Our values of integrity and respect, together with the commitments expressed in our principles, are a foundation for expanding our business responsibly. And our values of citizenship and mutual benefits remind us that we are global citizens working with a shared purpose for all stakeholders impacted by our business. Maintaining our company’s reputation and position as a global player in our industry demands a commitment to excellence in service, ethical business practices, and compliance with the law. The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct helps our employees meet this commitment. It addresses common compliance and Ethics issues facing global businesses today and outlines the responsibilities we have to one another, to our clients and stakeholders, to the company, and to our industry. This code applies to all employees, officers, and directors throughout the CICO members of companies worldwide. Third party representatives, such as freelancers, subcontractors, affiliates and agents who work on behalf of CICO, may also be required to confirm their understanding and compliance with relevant provisions of the code as required by CICO’s compliance and ethics program and its internal control procedures, using tools such as CICO’s Code of Ethics for Suppliers and Service Providers and CICO’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for Affiliates.

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Carl Vermeulen CEO CICO

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