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Your business or organization is constantly on the move. It is important that your messages remain transparent, inspiring and that they enhance connectedness with your audiences. The CICO CTOOL methodology is a unique expertise; a genetic algorithm audit, the Key to success for your organization. Based on your specific Communication needs,  your current Communication Structure will be screened. As well the existing Communication flaws and strengths. CICO develops and reinvent the most effective Pragmatic, Evidence-Based, Creative and Strategic Communicative solution, by means of reframing algorithms into patterns and building your customized Communication Paradigm for your global organization, governments or your specific business. CICO redesign your communication framework and deliver the RIGHT Strategy and Tactics through Transformational Cognitive Solutions.

Dynamic Working



CICO’s mindset

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 Empowering Your Story


A pragmatic well thought through system to achieve outcome.

Connecting with a constructive purpose



Solution oriented Communication patterns 


Contact CICO. We are happy to advise you the best solution for your Communication needs. Check also CICO global Corporate Strategic / Creative and IT services for a tailor made proposition. Prices for CICO global creative strategic and IT services are depending on your specific Communication needs and starting already from small budgets.

Admissibility through Smart Connectedness


CICO 2017: workshop on Innovative Dialoguing with non Reachable Audiences / Dubai.


Building the RIGHT Story through Ingenious data Compatibility



CICO: a Communication Solution based on evidence with SAS



Ordering your Communication campaign.


Mr Jing Lee and a CICO Client service team.


CICO CTOOL formulas to obtain your NEW Communication Model

Discover your Creative and Strategic Solution CTOOL prices are depending on the size, locations and the different departments of your organization or government.
Prices are exclusive 21% taks – travel – translation cost.



CICO let your business grow rapidly.
Our daily rate: 600€ for Operational work and 1.200€ for Strategic work.


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