CICO Academy

The CICO Academy is a Global Network of professionals who seek to interact with each other to widen their knowledge and expertise. CICO is committed to partnering with leading organizations to achieve critical outcomes for our communities. We believe companies need to take a more holistic approach to how they operate and communicate. As we give this advice to our clients, we are increasingly taking it ourselves. A few times a year CICO organizes an event to focus on a specific subject concerning the Communication market and its position towards the society. As a CICO Academy member you will have the opportunity to connect with other interesting CICO people. CICO connects Thought Leadership from all around the world.

Today, business runs at real time and organizations need to adapt faster than ever. In order to meet the challenges which fast moving technologies and new customer behavior create, a business must evolve its people, processes and Communication platforms and programs, in order to take full advantage of market condition. Interaction between global citizens and different sectors is therefore also important.

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Communication Training and Workshops

Vigorous partnerships

Conjunction: CICO’s partnership is a term which evokes much sensitivity with its implicit connotations of Sharing and Trust. CICO’s partnership means the highest stage of working relationship between different people brought together by commitment to common objectives. Long term, shared responsibility, reciprocal obligation, equality, mutuality and balance of power. Accountability, joint decision making, respect, transparency, sustainability and mutual interests. Yet, in practice, developing a relationship characterized by a free and equal exchange of ideas is challenging because of language diversity, geographical constraints and differences in terms of how the relationship/partnership is conceptualized and interpreted. CICO always works with an open-minded perspective.

Together making a difference

Identifying common purpose to move forward is an important foundation which CICO expresses through interact deeply with Clients and Partners.

Partnering International Chambers of Commerce

CICO connects Global Knowledge