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CICO Global Holding Inc.
Brand name and entity: CICO
Main Reception Language: English – French – Dutch (local languages are present according to the geographical Project).

Flexible Skills: Collective versus a traditional agency. Our vision is to highlight the importance of working with a wide network of Experts. CICO flips the paradigm on the traditional agency structure, and instead, relies on the ability to have key managers, curate the optimal mix of divers talent to deliver Expertise and Innovation for our Clients. Finding the best team to execute nuanced and diverse programs to achieve the Highest Level of Outcome.


Our Knowledge and Expertise is our most Valuable Asset


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Change Management through an innovative approach. CICO’s Keynote Speakers are setting Voice at conferences, universities and workshops worldwide, and are interacting with many national and international institutions to enhance their Communication platform. Explaining in a pragmatic and easy going way how to Stand Out with your organization or government and how to work with the media and audiences today and tomorrow. In these continuously changing times, people do not connect as it should with Brands, Governments or Institutions. It takes Boldness, Innovative thinking, and a Creative mindset to score with your Communication Strategy. Discover more by dropping us a line:

Carl Vermeulen Communication Industrialist ‘The Wiz’

From his early 30s in Belgium honing his expertise in forecasting the success of local and global Communication projects by examining internal and external Communication issues, scrutinizing trends and new technologies, till today decades later, as chairman of his international Communication businesses consultancy services; CICO Global Holding Inc. Carl has mastered the ability to put the finger in the pudding, by framing the most successful solution to enhance Communication / Marketing / Public Relations platforms for Governments, Institutions and Organizations.
Today, his global operations are at the forefront of the industry, recognized in Public Relations and Marketing.
Over decades, Carl meticulously documented and analyzed his methodologies to make institutions more successful. His expertise in accurately predicting the likely success score of a Communication Project, by establishing the most rigorous Solution by using astute formulas – which are unique and therefore the most demanding and complex skills in the Public Relations – and Communication Industry – became increasingly sought after, and led to greater result driven, and transparency for both; organizations and the targeted audiences. The sophisticated methodology he developed led him to create a proprietary computerized valuation system for the elimination of Communication issues and to make organizations Stand Out at their best. In 2016, this system independently reviewed and deemed fit for purpose. It is already used for institutions with USD $5 billion funds.

A visionary innovator and an influential Public Relations Industry Leader, Carl has a new vision which he believes will usher in a new level of building Prosperity, Democratic Communication, and more Transparency toward different parties.

This transformation gives perception of constructive dialogue, changing in a positive way the landscape for institutions and governments and therefore contributes to A GREATER WORLD.

Flexible workplaces: CICO global reach 12 operational Hubs

CICO: Worldwide practice

Europe . United States . Latin America . Canada . Asia-Pacific . Middle East . Russia CIS . Africa . Australia

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CICO is GDPR Compliant. Click for our GDPR Policy.The European Parliament adopted the GDPR in April 2016, replacing an outdated data protection directive from 1995. It carries provisions that require businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. The GDPR also regulates the exportation of personal data outside the EU.What types of privacy data does the GDPR protect?.Basic identity information such as name, address and ID numbers.
.Web data such as location, IP address, cookie data and RFID tags.
.Health and genetic data.
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