CICO: the Institute, a Next Generation Communication Organization

CICO is a Next Generation Communication Institute by its; Global Vision, Innovative approach, smart Creativity and Keen Knowledge it possesses. The future of the Communications Industry will continue to be shaped by artful technology, adjustments in regulatory policy and social norms, and, more critically, the continued elaboration of demand for Right Framed Inspiring Information. Today, you can change your Business, Corporate Communication or Governmental Communication in a more effective and successful way. Presenting your organization that reflects its dynamic Vision, and its state of mind to Move Forward through guiding its audiences to more connectedness, scores indisputable. A well Thought Through Communication framework, build with the Right Strategies and Tactics, gives your organization a solid advantage. Together we are changing tomorrow’s story by using New Communication Techniques. CICO is a true pioneer in Strategic Overall Communication through its vision, expertise, creativity and knowledge. CICO reinvents and reenergizes the methodes of Forming Global Communication Frameworks and setting Paradigms to move your business forward in the Right way. There is currently and in general and in extension, too much communication fragmentation and mediocrity, that results in confusion and disconnectivity with the audiences. Let us MOLD your Communication solution Right. CICO Global Reach offers a unique opportunity to customize teams to be successful which helps our clients to achieve their regional or global business goals.

Today you need to make smarter, fact-based decisions based on reliable, relevant data and Powerful Analytics. Learn how to plan and manage your Marketing Programs more Efficiently and Effectively than ever before. Streamlining your Communication and Marketing Operations is Key. Get more value from your digital assets. Link your Marketing Performance to Real Revenue. And find out which marketing activities are working, which ones aren’t – and why.

CICO: Global Connectedness

If you become a CICO Client, we will help you to promote the Mission of your Communication Project in the first place – and – we will make it more precious, if you agree, by substantiating it with the Values of the CICO MANIFESTO. The outcome will be: it will show, publicly; internally and externally, that your organization and your Communication Project is working on a Higher Planetarian Constructive Level.

Brand Reference / MEMBER CICO logo

Sustainable Innovative Communication: You will be permitted to use the Brand / MEMBER CICO logo on all your Products, Services and in all your advertising or Communication Projects as long as you are our Client. This Reference logo Stands for Sustainable Innovation, and the Planetarian Constructive Vision that your organization possess, as well that it communicates the true Goodwill to Connect at a Higher level with your Parties, to achieve more Global Happiness and Prosperity. The time has come for a Sustainable Global Communication Framework where all Parties will be able to connect with. This will reflect into a conscious and subconscious Effectieve Global Connectedness for Humanity.

Building on A GREATER WORLD is a necessity. Through using Permutation methodologies, designing Transformational Solutions, a more accurate connectivity with your audiences will be the result. CICO believes this form of Progressive Thinking and Innovative Acting is an obligation towards the general Industry and its audiences. This is what we do. Let’s make it Right by Doing it Right. CICO has therefore a leading commercial and social responsibility in the Industry. CICO’s quest and Mission is to improve and to develop outstanding creative Communication concepts and to bring Transparency and Innovative messages and dialogues to inspire the relevant audiences. By scrutinizing the possibilities of your Communication Model, through developing Infographics data or knowledge,  Complex Information is transformed to simple and a transparent Voice. Improving  Cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see Patterns and Trends. The process of creating a system can be referred to as data visualization, information design, or information architecture, which forms a base to design your Communication Model.
CICO Leads The Way to more Effective and Inspiring messages, and contributes, by a well thought through strategy, to Communication Enlightenment between parties. CICO, thus, plays a large part in making organizations growth. CICO is a Next Generation Communication Organization by delivering Communication models which are holistic and innovational: Generation CE, Connectedness with Effectiveness.
CICO stands for: Cognitive Cryptanalyst Incubated Communication

A NEW FORM of connecting and dialoguing

CICO builds Result Driven Communication Frameworks which makes organizations achieving their business goals. CICO’s team includes some of the leading experts in sustainability, supported by strategic consultants, creative and Communications experts, who are helping leading Brands and organizations crystallize their purpose, unleash the power of business for good and drive performance at the same time. By identifying and understanding clients true purpose, we create authentic and credible Communication Frameworks at the intersection of business and society that deliver real impact. CICO’s passion cherishes the thought for Making The World A Better Place by creating understandable dialogues. Our Entrepreneurial Thinking and our expertise, are key to delivering best – in – class programs and campaigns. CICO human capital not only understands and embraces the convergence between business and societal objectives, we deliver on it.

Generation CE: Connectedness with Effectiveness. Members of this generation are connected to people and things in ways we never imagined in the past. Social media, gadgets, and wireless technology allow Generation CE to share data on the fly. The Art is to Connect Deeply. To put this in perspective, here are some numbers about their habits from a Google-IPSOS-Now What study. CICO’s approach is to connect RIGHT, effectively and with outcome.

Digital behavior: 90% create content for the net at least monthly. 83% have posted a picture online. 76% visit YouTube weekly. 59% look to the internet as their main source of entertainment. 56% have followed through after watching ads on YouTube. 55% are connected to 100 or more people through social media. However, the number of connections is not important, it is the RIGHT Shape that counts to achieve outcome.

Multicultural Universal Constructive Conversations 24/7

It is time for a Next Generation Approach: connecting with your audiences, by delivering your messages, in its most True Form, and by using the Right Strategies and Tactics. CICO offers this opportunity through its Unique Methodology. Let’s Move Forward in the Right way, by Forming Global Thoughts into Global Solutions and join us in taking part of Building the Future of Communication and to contribute to A GREATER WORLD.

Interesting Tactics

Transforming thoughts into Visual Solutions. CICO is an expert in telling stories through using inspiring images to connect your message transparent and directly to its audiences. Well thought through images, depicted its core purpose, gives Result to propel people to take actions and to identify themselves with your Communication Project. Keeping it simple by keeping it bright.

Building it RIGHT by out-thinking it RIGHT

Outthinking for the best. A strategic and innovative thinking process In Times of Change, the Ability to see Innovative Strategic Options becomes critical for continued success. Innovation rarely happens by accident, especially once an organization or team is executing. CICO tend to think of innovation as A Magical Property that leaders and teams either have or will always lack, when in fact the traits and behaviors for innovation can be cultivated through a purposeful process using proven principles and stratagems. By Out-thinking your Communication Solution, we provide leaders and their teams with a practical, repeatable method to develop and adjust an Innovative Strategy that helps them outsmart and outperform their competition. Therefore, your Communication project or Story will effectively reach its audience.