Message from the CEO CICO

Never Doubt Your Goal. Outthink your own Potential. CICO contributes to A Greater World by Architecting more Effective Communication Models. Today we are on the break of a new era of Communication. Let us do what is Right, and not only what is necessary. As a pioneer in the innovation of Political . Non-Political . Governmental . Non-Governmental . Commercial and Informational Communication, we always have to move forward. A New Generation of Communication is born. Join us and experience Your Progress to achieve a better Connectedness with your audiences.

CICO: A New Science of Communication

 CICO: outthinking Effective Global Communication Projects

Globalization, connectedness, daily world news, and its impact on our business, is getting more powerful than ever. Also a lack of transparency, fragmented information, and a rapidity changing societal behavior affects our way of making decisions. An inspiring well thought through interaction Model, to reach your target audience who you can connect with your message, is therefore crucial.

It is our mission, and our quest as global citizens to build a gate to an intelligent, transparant Communication Framework of Reference, which allows us to understand each other better. This towards the industry and society. It requires the Right attitude and mindset. A well considered moral navigation to find solutions and to discover success, should be a basic instinct. Knowledge, talent, skills, experience and expertise are important foundations, but these alone are not sufficient. The world is full of talented individuals, nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with unique abilities. Unrecognized genius is almost a proverb.

It is the will to move forward and to persevere. Let’s work together on A GREATER WORLD.

CICO: making the World a Greater Place

CICO’s Global Vision is by disrupting existing Communication patterns through a Visionair Strategic Ambition, setting a New Communication Standard as a whole, to make the World a Better Place. Our Culture is to be a leading architect in our industry by delivering astute results. We work through a motivation to Stand firm, without limits. A strong focus, Entrepreneurial Determination and the Creativity to compose New Solutions in our domain, are essential to help the industry forward. We have to rethink and redesign the existing Communication and advertising models. We have to implant, now your future DNA Communication structure to inspire your target audience in the most successful way. As a result, more business for your organization and a more constructive connectedness with your audiences. It is a potential danger to the industry to aim for mediocrity and security. We have to be bold and not afraid to explore the undetected possibilities. We have to move on, and the most important, in the Right way. Every day hides a new opportunity. It is our quest to discover which one will make your company or communication project better than exceptional. Good is not enough, outstanding is the norm. We have to try harder than that. CICO revolutionizes your business. Therefore you can take part with us in contributing to A Greater World.

CICO: game Changer with a Purpose

CICO acts with a mindset of Boldness, Creativity and Positivism.
Carl Vermeulen founder and CEO of CICO Global Holding Inc.
A Next Generation Communication Organization.