CICO Global Citizenship

CICO’s commitment to integrity towards the community, our clients, our partners, is important to sustain a good working and social contact. CICO’s reputation is its most value asset and Fair Dealing in business is key to safeguarding it. This ensures a consistent commitment to a CICO standard quality, compliance and ethical business practices internally and externally.

CICO performs with a Global Mindset. We know diversity is a force, and we recognize that diversity of culture, contiguous thoughts and experience is absolutely Key to our growth and global development. It’s about embracing commonalities and understanding differences. CICO has the propensity and ability to Discover Common Patterns across countries and markets. CICO diversity is about incorporating emerging voices of individuals. It’s about creating a workforce and environment that celebrates the broad rages of human differences. CICO seeks to make a difference in our communities by acting with a positive and Global Mindset. CICO maintains that vision wherever we go and in whatever we do. CICO is Truly Global and we celebrate diversity of culture, background, experience and thought and recognize it as a key to our ability to deliver insightful and creative client Communication frameworks.

CICO Global Partnerships

CICO is committed to, and contributes to, humanitarian organizations for a better Environment, Human Aid, Human Rights and Medical Research.