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CICO’s approach makes The Difference

Using the Right Tactics to achieve the most Effective Communication Results.


CICO: Making Organizations and Governments more Effective by using Innovative Communication Methodologies.

Finding the RIGHT Communication Vibrations

Together we can make a Positive Difference. Many organizations, governments and institutions assume that they are on the right track with their general communication, and by using the latest communication channels, they think their Corporate Communication or Governmental Dialogues are doing well. However, and it is proven every day, the current rapidly changing times and unexpected societal and political behaviors have a huge impact on the admissibility of messages as a whole. Communication Fragmentation is today’s  greatest danger. Audiences disconnect expeditiously. CICO is the architect of building a New Way of Communication through framing the Right Communication Model and is therefore a Next Generation Organization in the Industry. Connect with us to create Your Story for your target audiences and contribute with us, to make this World A Greater Place.

Awareness Communication

Setting the Right Voice to connect deeply with your audiences to achieve Result with your Communication Project. This is what we do.

Transformational Agility

Mutual Trust to achieve Results

Trust and Ethical behavior go hand in hand. CICO Ethics comprise the foundation of the way of acting and cannot be compromised without major consequences. There are no shortcuts when it comes to being Ethical: Either we do the RIGHT thing or we don’t. Ethical behavior sends a message to Employees, Clients, and members of your community that you care about more than profit alone – and that you deserve their Trust. The first step in forging long-term business relationships is developing that mutual bond. If we make a commitment, we deliver on that promise. The earned Trust of CICO Clients and Employees serves as the basis of a strong business, and it has served our organization well for two decades.

Our Reputation is our most important asset

Corporate Reputation and trust are a company’s most important assets, and must be handled carefully. That is especially true today, as corporate leaders operate in a tumultuous Global Business Environment, face an increasingly demanding set of well-informed stakeholders, and grapple with the latest stage of the digital revolution. Our approach to building holistic Trust and Reputation management starts with benchmarking attitudes and opinions and indexing the strength of relationships among critical stakeholder groups – employees, partners, suppliers, customers, investors, regulators, legislators, NGOs, news media, community leaders and the general public. And then we bring business together with society to help forge critical changes.

The KEY to Success

An organizational Communication Strategy is the sum of the actions a company intends to take to achieve long-term goals. Together, these actions make up a well oriented company’s Strategic plan. CICO delivers the most effective Communication Solution for your Project. This is who we are. This is what we do: We Deliver. This Essential Communication Strategy is the foundation for your SuccessEconomic inclusion refers to Equality of Opportunity for all members of society to participate in the Economic life of their country as employers, entrepreneurs, consumers, and citizens. CICO works on that important aspect every day.

Transcendency through NEW Insights

CICO’s zeal: the message of your organization of tomorrow is already today. Connecting with stochastic societal movements is therefore crucial. CICO Reframes and Reforms your total communication framework to achieve the highest Results for your organization. Making a Difference is making the Right Achievements. CICO sets the NEW Communication standard through using Innovative Permutation methodologies and by Molding Techniques based on Analytic Cognitive Methodes.

Proficiency through knowledge

Cognition: CICO quickly translate knowledge into strategy and action by means of converting algorithms into patterns and creating the RIGHT Communication Model. CICO partners with organizations to successfully navigate dynamics, protecting and enhancing Corporate Communications or Brands. Each CICO achievement is directly linked to our entrepreneurial culture. We remain in control over our destiny and have had the independence to take risks. CICO believes in and championship diversity of thought, perspective and background. This conviction reflects our course of action. With the Right mindset and approach, everything is possible. Creating A Better World has never held more importance than it does today. The Next Generation Communication mindset, stands for Understanding and Embracing the convergence between business and societal objectives by Improving the Connectivity between people. Today is redefining the way of addressing communication problems, through the use of the Right skills, extremely important to inspire people in the Right way. CICO creates a Positive Global Impact for the communication needs of today and tomorrow, and the initiatives close to our hearts.

CTOOL methodology, Translucent Conversations

Stimulating Conversations help you arrive at the common ground between parties. We come away invigorated when we make a genuine connection. Conversations open us up to making a change that leads to mutual success. Our ancestors developed conversational skills to create thriving communities and societies. Conversations established morals and value systems. Based on conversations, over centuries we moved towards equality of every individual as a universal truth. It is through conversations, we fought disease and battled natural disasters. It is through conversation that scientific discovery became a reality. Conversations have the Power to Build the bonds of common humanity. Bonds based on trust and change are capable of stopping wars and conflict. CICO develops constructive, transparent and inspiring conversations which move us forward in the RIGHT direction. It is time to foster with CICO, the skills of Translucent Conversations.

Evidence-based genetic algorithms. Architecting Creative Stories

Ingenuity: the CICO Brand means that we will help our clients to be more successful. Your organization wants to move forward in the Right way. Our methodology will make your organization, government, product or service top of mind through using Pragmatic and Transformational Solution Methodologies. A Visionary approach: CICO continuously seeks challenges and opportunities and will keep building specialist experience, expertise and knowledge. CICO will continue generating Thought Leadership and will strengthen its clients by helping the Industry by aiming to be – Best in class. CICO is a Global Player and performs with a Global Mindset.

Communication Programs: each client is unique and standards of excellence are universal. That is why we have built CICO Global Programming Guidelines to provide a standard approach to creating the strategy and idea to the tactical programs and measurement. Our team of strategists and creative thinkers partner with account leads to offer our clients a continuous flow of rethinking their business. CICO takes part with its clients, in Building the Future of Communication


Framing the most productive Solution

A consensus in ideas is a necessity to move forward to achieve outcome. Diversity in opinions are important to frame a general Solution. It is exactly this approach that provides the base to a global Story to connect locally and globally.

Knowledge through Expertise

CICO 2016: United Nations global leadership workshops in Switzerland.

Alignment of Aims: a comprehensible purpose and values between staff, teams, organizations and countries is the most fundamental aspect of motivation. The better the alignment and personal association with organizational or projects aims, the better the platform for motivation. Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed. Visualization is a powerful motivational tool – quotes, stories and poems provide a very effective method for inspiring and motivating people through association with your specific goal.

CICO: finger on the pulse with reality today

CICO: enquiry New York. How sustainable Communication is perceived today by the urban community.
CICO offers more than 20 years of Expertise in all communication domains.