CICO Clients

CICO: a True Alignment

A CICO Client wants the most effective Communication Solution. It’s about creating the Right inspiring messages and the Right connectedness today and tomorrow. The CICO Clients are preparing to Reinvent Themselves in the best interest of their business. CICO’s Clients are willing to move forward by using our knowledge, expertise, creativity and ambition. A CICO Client will become more successful, will grow and above all, will be more lucrative. Result must be the aim. By using the most optimal designed communication framework, a CICO Client will progress and optimize its general activities. CICO contributes through its knowledge, effective methodology and its creativity to a more Productive Dialogue between audiences.

CICO: Worldwide Client Connections

CICO works for more than 80 national and international CICO clients.

CICO has been a Communication Expert for 20 years. CICO became one of the world’s most inspiring organization in our industry by driving relentlessly for Innovation and Creativity. Our fundamental passions are perseverant.
CICO has started New conversations through Building the RIGHT Stories more than ever. CICO is grateful to prove its talent to its Clients.

CICO: High Expectations.

CICO: Empowerment of Dialogues

Together with our clients, CICO will be partners in dynamic creative relationships. CICO will thoughtfully and responsibly identify their objectives and assemble the Right mix of skills and resources to meet them. CICO will value their perspectives and anticipate their needs. With intelligence and ingenuity, timeliness and the accuracy of listening. CICO will deliver informed analysis, strategic thinking, breakthrough creativity, effective writing, New Solutions and excellent execution. CICO will be committed to the smart financial management of their businesses. CICO has a culture of continuous improvement designed to challenge our people, foster their professional development and to result in Leading Client Counsel. Our success comes from great team work and exceptional individual effort, so we strive to reward collaboration and the pursuit of excellence every day.

Moving Forward in the RIGHT direction with CICO

CICO’s Experts

CICO’s world class counsel professionals, whose diverse backgrounds span all domains of Communications, make CICO a place that’s teeming with breakthrough ideas and Next Generation analysis. CICO understands the importance of thinking globally, regionally and locally. To our clients, we bring a team of professionals adept at communicating in Culturally Diverse Markets, and the capabilities of an integrated Communications organization with expertise in leveraging the latest Communications techniques, social media and digital tools to establish a new era of public engagement between organizations and their stakeholders.

Photo: CICO Client convention Luxembourg. Topic: the New Way of Connecting.

CICO: Passionate to Work

Our global Client portfolio is our most precious asset. It is thanks to their Trust and Believe in CICO that we keep on growing. Our commitment to them is therefore without limits.

Connectedness with Ardor


If today’s businesses and governments can change their perspective to address the needs of a globalized world, then they are on the right track to success. The leader with the most smart and moral knowledge and effective Innovation Communication – Service and Product Program will win in global competition. CICO contributes with its know-how to this imperative subject.